Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome to the RIP Ty Project

He Was So...[beta v.06]

You know how when someone, somewhere unexpectedly dies and the TeeVee news shoves a camera in some neighbor's mug and that neighbor says, "Uh, well, he seemed like a quiet person; never caused me any problems...It's such a shame, I guess..." And you're all screaming at the set, "You're totally lying! Tell me what you really thought!" It's usually so much like that that the TeeVee news should basically stop asking that question. Even friends are so carefully guarded (remember what Michael Jackson's "friends" said?).

What if people really provided their honest assessment of you? Like in website comment sections - anonymously? And what if you actually got to read that some day? I am curious...

Well, here's your chance: The RIP Ty Project. Here's what you do: Go to COMMENTS (below) and type your soundbite/soundbyte! Seriously. You can post your bite like you do on any other comment section on any other Web site.
Two things:
  1. Comment anonymously please
  2. I won't be reading until October 24, 20??
Ready? Here's your cue:
"So, tell me about Ty..."

[Non-anonymous posts may be removed - pass link to anyone who knew me]